Tips for a Great Santa Visit


We want Santa’s visit to be very special. Here are a few tips to help make your Santa visit merry.

  • Provide a cell phone number of someone at the event who will have it on.

  • Have a special place for Santa to park – close to entrance of event. If needed, mark off a parking spot with a sign, cones, trash cans, etc.

  • Have someone outside to meet Santa – to show him the way and to help load presents into his bag (if needed).

  • Plan it so Santa can make a “Grand Entrance”

  • Place Santa’s chair so he has a great holiday background for photos. Leave room behind for group photos if possible. Please make sure that the chair is safe, sturdy, and comfortable.

  • If Santa is to distribute gifts, he prefers to hand them out and then have everyone open them at the same time. This helps eliminate distractions and makes every gift as important as the next. Please make sure each gift is clearly labeled with the child’s name.

  • Due to Santa South Texas’ high demand and full calendar, full payments must be made in advance by PayPal or Zelle to secure your visit. Tips are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

  • Keep the children together and occupied to give Santa a few minutes for his departure.